Temporary services

We provide a quick and effective response to the need of temporary staff, allowing you have staff for limited periods: seasons, replacement, projects among others.

Buró Temps

We are experts in solving each scenario where a company may hire transitory staff, according to what established in Law 20.123 and the Labor Code.

Our Service enables companies to be adapted to the changing demands of staff, offering the alternative of hiring them as permanet staff subsequently.

We have proven experience in the management of transitory services. Through our over 30 years of experience we have gained a unique approach about the strategy to support our clients.

Aspects of our services


Adequate Staff

We listen and understand your business. We provide exclusively the most qualified regarding your needs.

Fast Response

We have data bases of candidates assessed earlier, which enable us to provide you immediate solution for high demand positions.

Reliability and Support

We have an impeccable record regarding regulatory entities and a strong financial support to perform salary payment and social security obligations.

Close Communication

We stay connected with our clients in order to make sure that our staff meets their expectations.


We work together; we develop a strategic partnership to provide support to your team and make their processes of Human Resources more efficient, bringing value to their business.

Legal Advice

We provide labor legal assistance to our clients, garanting the compliance with the current legislation in Chile.

Most common staff under EST modality


Administrative Staff


Accounting and Financial Staff


Experts available by projects


Sales and Marketing Staff


Staff to Contact Clients


Information Technology Staff

Advantages of working by EST modality

Temporary Services play a critical role for Companies in the area of human resources, because provide qualified individuals in the right moment, so the may:

Reduce time and costs


Carry out direct supervision


Reduce administrative works


Meet particular demands of staff


Have immediate support of trained and qualified staff