Consulting & Training

Burotraining is our consulting and training area focused on boosting organizational capabilities.


Burotraining is our Consulting and training area focused on boosting organizational capabilities. Its purpose is to bring value to the business and make an impact to individual’s usual procedures.

Evidence shows that the only way to make a real impact in organizations is working aligned with their goals and strategic indicators.

Our interventions are focused precisely on that: being a tool to serve the objectives of the individuals and the organization.

We develop a learning-focused technology in order to achieve significant experiences that may be transferred to the job position.


Performance assessment

Development of services models

Leaders Training

Time Management

Effective communications and Interpersonal relationships

User management

Development of business skills

Engagement with the organization

Internal trainers

Self care and life quality

Change Management

Sales techniques and users management

Change Management

Team Work

Effective Presentations

Screening interview for Executives

We are Certified with the Quality Standard NCH2728:2015

NCH2728 : 2015

We work with a methodology in which all activities demand an active engagement of every participant, which guarantees the connection, pertinence and relevance of the results.