Buró Solutions

We carry out position descriptors, psychological work profile, curricular analysis and other solutions to meet the needs of the individuals and the organization.

Psychological work profile

Aimed at companies that need to outsource the candidates assessment in their recruitment processes, the PSYCHOLOGICAL WORK PROFILE helps the recruitment process, bringing value by consistent information about the aspect of a candidate and his level of adequacy to a position profile.

Our service include: Interview to undestand the clients requirements; position profile, attributes or competencies; interviews conducting; use of assessment tools and reporting.

The aspects of our services are:

Fast Response

We deliver immediate feedback and provide the psychological work profile in a period of 48 hours, if the client do requiere.


The accurate method that we use allows secure predictive results.

Cultural Adjustment

We asses both the candidate adjustment to the position profile and the culture of the company.

Types of assessments

We have different TYPES OF ASSESSMENTS to meet the needs of a company, regarding the stage they are in:
Psychological Work Profile
Assessment of outside candidates that are taking part of recruitment and hiring process, aiming to fill a job position within the company.
Assessment of Internal Job Promotion
Assessment of internal candidates, mixed or direct promotion, for internal competition. We address the candidate confidentially, taking care of his motivation and carrying out tests that were previously agreed.
Performance Appraisal
.Assessment used to draw up career plans or Training plans and/or plans to provide staff support. This evaluation measures the gaps a person has to work with, concerning a current or future position.

Job Position Descriptors

Job Position descriptors is a systemic process that aims to obtain pertinent information related to a Job position, both for an optimal performance and for the users satisfaction.

We create job position descriptors that enable the company to be in possession of accurate data for the management of individual systems of human resources. Also, provide their partners clarity regarding their role.

Advantages for HR

An appropriate job position description allows:

  • Recruiting, staffing and hiring the right staff for the job position.
  • To assess performance according to a standard and decide about training programs to qualify, coach and develop of partners.
  • To Compare and analyze job positions, which could be translated in fair compensations and career development plans.

Advantages for Leaders

An appropriate job position description allows :

  • Knowing the business culture, aspects and flow of the job area.
  • To boost resources in pursuit of productivity when organizing and allocating resources             and workloads.
  • To assess the performance in an objective manner and identify gaps.
  • To help feedback.
  • Identifying potential partners for strategic job positions.
  • To assist in the progress of planning, communication and management among the organization areas, avoiding interferences within the chain of command.

Advances for Partners

An appropriate job position description allows :

  • An accurate and certain understanding of the tasks to be performed.
  • To get more clarity about duties that performs, responsibilities and obligations.
  • Organizing time and work.
  • To consider success and errors according to the objectives of the position.
  • To help planning, communication and management avoiding interferences in the personal job performance and in the other employees performances.