We offer solutions that allow the company to adapt to the variable demands of its headcount, with legal advice, support and speed.

When our clients need to cover one or several positions quickly, we offer the service of search and selection of personnel under transitory modality for professional, technical and administrative positions, providing workers to perform a certain task of an occasional nature, for 1 to 180 days.

We offer a flexible service that adapts to the specific needs of each client that includes:

  • Set the requirement
  • Targeted search or database management
  • Interview and application of online test
  • Selection of candidates
  • Contract management

This service can only be provided by organizations registered with the Labor Direction and based on six grounds established by Law 21,123.

Transitional Services are a gateway to formal work for many young workers. According to the Trade Association of Transitory Services Companies (AGEST), between 20 and 25 percent of the people who are initially hired through Transitory Services then continue to work indefinitely in the user companies.

Why hire Transitory Services with HR Burô?

We have proven track record in the search and selection of personnel under temporary modality for professional, technical and administrative positions.

We provide permanent labor legal advice, guarantee and support of our management and compliance with current legislation.

We advise our clients to identify the best solution for temporary personnel in each of the causes that Law 20,123 allows for this type of contract.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes recruiting, hiring and availability. In this way, we take care of paying remunerations and taxes, in addition to the contractual responsibility of the selected collaborator.

We have an updated database and specialized consultants by area, our recruiting team is able to align with the needs and requirements of the client to perform a targeted search for personnel, to select the candidate or candidates that fit the requirements and manage the hiring.

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At HR Burô we deliver solutions for searching, recruiting and managing talent. We are recognized for our flexibility, speed and knowledge of the labor market. Our high success rates in the search and recruiting of professionals have allowed us to build trusting relationships with clients and candidates.

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