Business Process Outsourcing allows companies to transfer certain activities of their business to a third party, freeing up resources and efforts to dedicate them to strategic areas.

We have more than three decades of experience in outsourcing services with national and foreign clients. We know that it requires a work of great trust and coordination, and that when it is well done, it increases efficiency, since it allows our clients to free themselves from unnecessary administrative burden and focus on their business.

Our Outsourcing service specializes in the outsourcing of solutions and business processes, in which experience, responsiveness and process improvement are especially relevant when it comes to improving productivity.

Why Outsourcing with HR Burô?

We know how to manage business processes that are labor intensive, such as: sales, customer service, logistics, packaging, administrative, reception and assistants, among others.

We work on the continuous improvement of the process, supporting updated regulatory compliance, rigorously adhering to the legal framework, always advising our clients on the matter and transparently managing the integrity of our service.

We have technological tools and platforms that allow us to sign contracts, register attendance and manage documentation online.

We administer and manage the following tasks:

  • Issuance and delivery of contracts.
  • Training in Risk Prevention.
  • Coordination of pre-employment examinations.
  • Management of remuneration, health insurances, vacations, medical leaves, settlements and other procedures.
  • Attention for procedures and certificates.
  • Other procedures necessary for recruitment.

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At HR Burô we deliver solutions for searching, recruiting and managing talent. We are recognized for our flexibility, speed and knowledge of the labor market. Our high success rates in the search and recruiting of professionals have allowed us to build trusting relationships with clients and candidates.

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