We have a network of more than 25 associated partners around the world that allows us to carry out recruiting processes at an international level, with the knowledge of the market and the confidence that characterizes us.

In an increasingly globalized world, we have international alliances: IESF (International Executive Search Federation) and Grupo SAF, which opens the doors to an exchange of experiences and contacts with experts from all over the world in the search for talent.

These alliances allow us to access more candidates, connecting knowledge and networks, in countries as relevant as Peru, Mexico, Panama, the United States, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, China, India and Israel, among others.

Why conduct an international search with HR Burô?

We are able to perform international searches in a specific country, multinational or regional.

We offer a fully personalized and local approach to search projects, based on culture, regional economy and the local candidate market. We never impose a one-size-fits-all solution. Our search process is optimized for the local culture.

Having a deep understanding of how each industry operates in different countries, we can confidently advise our clients in the global search for talent.

We provide accompaniment and support throughout the recruiting process, also conducting bilingual interviews and advice on legal and contractual aspects, in order to facilitate the hiring processes.

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At HR Burô we deliver solutions for searching, recruiting and managing talent. We are recognized for our flexibility, speed and knowledge of the labor market. Our high success rates in the search and recruiting of professionals have allowed us to build trusting relationships with clients and candidates.

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