Our Interim Management service allows you to integrate executives with extensive expertise for a limited period of time.

Interim Management is a flexible, fast and efficient solution for extraordinary circumstances such as an unexpected absence of a senior manager, a new project, process restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or support in times of difficulty.
This service allows to incorporate specialized managers in an organization for a limited period of time, reinforcing the management team.

A professional hired through Interim Manager, evaluates, advises, proposes and implements the approved plans to achieve the success of the project for which he/she was hired.

The modalities of contracting can be, according to your needs, full-time or part-time.

Why apply for Interim Manager from HR Burô?

Our trajectory allows us to have a wide network of Interim Managers, highly qualified and proven experience, selected for their skills and motivation.

We have a team of highly competent senior collaborators who have demonstrated their expertise and management skills in companies of different sectors and sizes, capable of providing leadership, execution skills and success.

We provide candidates with the right experience, skills and culture. We will review each CV with our clients, helping them decide who to interview, collaborating closely during the interview and recruiting process.

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At HR Burô we deliver solutions for searching, recruiting and managing talent.  We are recognized for our flexibility, speed and knowledge of the labor market.  Our high success rates in the search and recruiting of professionals have allowed us to build trusting relationships with clients and candidates. 

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