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At HR Burô we promote diversity in work teams to add different perspectives that allow us to enrich the work of organizations and contribute to a more sustainable growth.

We develop solutions adjusted to the reality of each organization to accompany them on the challenging path of creating a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our training courses, including inclusion programs, have Sence Tax Exemption.

Why carry out your Inclusion processes with HR Burô?

We are a strategic partner of our clients, supporting them in the different stages in the path of equity and inclusion with:

  • Cadastre for compliance with legal regulations, Labor Inclusion Law 21015.
  • Accreditation of Individuals with Disabilities.
  • Workshops and awareness-related ones.

We carry out inclusive recruitment processes for organizations:

  • Inclusive recruitment.
  • Accessible psycho-occupational evaluations.

HR Burô inclusive solutions

  • Cadastre of organizational PWD.
  • PCD accreditation consultancy for collaborators.
  • Development of Inclusion Policies.
  • Awareness and organizational change talks with a focus on PWD inclusion.
  • Specific training for various areas, levels and teams of the organization.
  • Accessible Recruitment and Selection Training.
  • Recruitment of accessible personnel.
  • Accessible psycho-occupational evaluations.
  • Analysis of job positions.

Oriented to companies with a specific requirement, we design and apply a strategy that allows us to address the identified gaps to propose and apply multiple and complementary solutions.

Teams and Alliances

Certified Burô Team

  • Occupational psychologists specialized in PWD Inclusion.
  • Inclusion Managers
  • Occupational therapists.
  • Social workers.

In Partnership with:

  • Labor inclusion foundations
  • NGOs linked to disability.

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