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Our solutions integrate consulting into corporate strategy, performing various types of interventions to add value to both employees and the business.

At HR Burô we advise our clients in the analysis, design and implementation of solutions to align the development of capabilities in people to the strategic needs of each organization.

Our mission is to deliver the best human capital solution, adding value to our customer’s business, through a model of excellence, based on quality.

Why choose HR Burô consulting services?

At HR Burô we develop tailor-made interventions, according to the culture of each company, aligned with the Strategic Objectives.

We implement tools oriented to the service of people and the organization.

We generate significant work experiences, we enhance organizational strengths.

We have extensive experience in the development of solutions specialized in people and organizational development.

Our solutions

The main objective of the competency management model is to provide a management style that allows aligning the different subsystems and processes of human resources effectively to achieve the objectives of the organization.
Our starting point is the strategic definitions, when they change the competencies must be reviewed and updated, developing definitions adjusted to the language of each company and shared behavioral criteria.

The job descriptor is the initial input that will feed different people management processes and subsystems.
The process of developing or updating descriptors allows the organization to ask itself what the expectations of each position are and how it will add value to the business. Additionally, the collaborator will provide clarity regarding the role and objectives.

Performance management is one of the main tools to promote talent, promotes communication and active listening, encouraging timely instances of conversation between employee and management. It allows to improve the results of the different work teams and thus enhance the professional and organizational performance.

Si tu empresa presenta desafíos específicos en los que podemos apoyar, con el equipo especializado diseñamos y aplicamos una estrategia que permita abordar las brechas identificadas para proponer y aplicar soluciones múltiples y complementarias.

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At HR Burô we deliver solutions for searching, recruiting and managing talent. We are recognized for our flexibility, speed and knowledge of the labor market. Our high success rates in the search and recruiting of professionals have allowed us to build trusting relationships with clients and candidates.

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