The services sector plays an essential role in driving the global economy.

In Chile, this industry, also known as the tertiary sector, represents more than 50% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and encompasses a wide range of activities, including business, commerce, education, housing, communication, health, tourism, and public administration, among others.

In recent years, digitization has revolutionized this sector. Automation and the use of technologies like artificial intelligence have transformed the way services are provided, optimizing processes and improving efficiency. Although this has raised concerns about job loss, it has also created new job opportunities, as trained personnel are needed to manage and make the most of these technologies.

A clear example is data management, business analysis, and digital marketing, which are growing areas that require professionals with digital technology skills and the ability to analyze and use data strategically.

Likewise, the creation of online platforms and mobile applications has generated new opportunities in the field of e-commerce and the provision of services through digital means.

What are the key features for industry professionals?

According to our Selection team responsible for the Services sector, professionals in the field should have:

  • Language proficiency and computer skills.
  • Knowledge in business management.
  • Problem-solving skills and adaptability.

Most Frequently Performed Searches:

  • IT Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Submanager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Process Engineer