Mining is one of the cornerstones of Chilean economy, generating about 12% of GDP in 2022, 60% of exports and 20% of tax revenues.

The industry needs to have leaders who look to the future within companies, with a proactive focus and projection. Professionals who are interested in new trends and technologies.

HR Burô has regional offices that allow us to be closer to our clients and communities. The searches are led by experienced consultants in the field at sector and country level.

What are the key features for industry professionals?

According to our Recruitment team in charge of Mining, professionals in the field must be or have:

  • Technical knowledge of the industry.
  • Focus on security.
  • Global market management.
  • Soft management skills, both process and team

Most Frequently Performed Searches

  • Project Manager.
  • Construction Manager.
  • Planning Manager.
  • Superintendent of Operations.

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