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A basic necessity for the proper functioning of the country and its people.

From the world-class port infrastructure in Valparaíso and San Antonio to the ever-expanding road and rail network, Chile is at the epicentre of logistics activity in South America.

Chile has invested in training logistics specialists, developing a highly qualified workforce ranging from Supply Chain Managers to Transport Operators.

In this industry, technology also plays a crucial role, with the rise of advanced tracking and route optimization solutions. Automation and data-driven supply chain management are trends driving efficiency and competitiveness in the sector.

At HR Burô, we understand the importance of having the best professionals and teams for each stage of the process in this field, from the strategic business perspective to logistics operators.
Our recruitment team has extensive experience and local networks throughout Chile to find the best candidates who can meet the company’s needs and respond quickly and efficiently to challenges.

What are the key features for industry professionals?

According to our Logistics and Transportation Selection team, professionals in the field should be or have:

  • Multifocal
  • Broad and strategic vision.
  • Efficiency

Most Frequently Performed Searches:

  • Distribution and Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Submanager
  • Logistics Project Engineer
  • Distribution and Logistics Manager
  • Senior eCommerce Logistics Supervisor
  • Logistics Area Management Control