We bring value to individuals and companies, contribuing to the success of companies and candidates that have confidence in us. 

We provide a comprehensive answer to an increasingly complex demand on talent managment.

Executive Search

Buró Executive Search identifies Senior Executives. We provide a complete consulting service to develop the best tailored strategy regarding to find leaders able to bring value to companies.

Professional's Recruitment

Buró Professional recruits professional for middle management positions.  We link our clients with hard-to-find, competitive and highly demanded candidates.

Temporary Services

Buró Temps can provide you temporary staff. We offer solutions that allow companies fitting to their headcount changing demands with legal advice, assurance and support.

Business Process Outsourcing

Buró Outsourcing allows relocating some business activities, freeing-up resources and efforts to allocate them in key areas, relying on expert staff.

Consulting services and Training

Buró Training promotes the management of individuals and companies, designing and implementing tools that bring value to the business and have impact on usual working practices.

Assessments and Job Descriptors

Buró Solutions conducts professional interventions in Human resources, such as Job position descriptors and psychological work profile, providing companies’ tailored-information for its management.

Providing Human Resources Solutions over 30 years

Experience is not to be improvised. Our experience has allowed us to develop expertise in many areas and industries, such as:

Financing Services

Professional Services


Real Estate & Construction

Telecommunication Services & TI

Energy & Mining

Pharmaceutical Area

Public Sector

Mass Consumption

We identify, Develop and Manage Talents

  • We provide technical and legal device.
  • We answer in the agreed terms.
  • Our Search and recruitment processes are assured.
  • We have an active candidate data base.
  • To attract talents, we have the best technological tools and positioning in specific networks.
  • We perform our task on fast and flexible digital platforms, making sure the hiring processes and pay roll payment. 

Why Us?


We provide tailored solutions for each client, analyzing the market context of the company, its culture, and present and future requirements in order to achieve the best performance of its human talent.


We deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance talent inside companies. Our expertise is the result of over 30 years of experience.


To achieve a highest orientation to goals, we have developed a clients-tailored framework which allows us more adaptability and speed.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Expert in Skills 100% 100%
  • Extensive and valuable Network 100% 100%
  • Special Technology 100% 100%
  • Knowledge of the job market 100% 100%
  • Excellent Staff Administration 100% 100%
  • Legal Advice 100% 100%
  • Strategic Consulting 100% 100%